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Our Philosophy

Personalized service to the customer: the consultant is the direct contact for the customer. He performs all the interviews, is present at the customer presentations and leads all feedback sessions. For this reason the consultant is informed at all times about the current status and can give a clear overview of the situation, progress and possible problems. At the same time the consultant is informed about the market and shares this knowledge regularly with the customer.

Our approach is not based on systematic screening of databases and networks, such measures can be used merely as support. Our searches are based on an individual recruitment strategy agreed upon with the customer and through the direct approach of candidates, we can present to our customers interesting candidates with matching prerequisites and willingness to change.

We support our clients and candidates in the important milestones in the recruiting process and stand as a partner and coach for important questions. We place great importance on the smooth running of the entire organization and handling of meetings, taking specific care to providing the necessary framework and legal requirements in the bidding process (offer management) and in preparation of termination. In addition, we support our candidate in the difficult steps of termination, coach in terms of the termination interview and prepare the candidates for dealing with possible counter offers beforehand.

Of course, we are in contact long-term with the candidate, are concerned with the successful uptake of new tasks, with advice and assistance in case of problems and we accompany the training process during the first year and longer.

We ensure the quality of our work and offer our customers a warranty of 12 months.